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The purpose of my kayak journey is to continue the journey of life by raising funds to assist others who cannot afford treatment.  I will kayak at least 3,000 miles through the heart of America to raise awareness about the diseases of addiction and alcoholism.  I strive to assist other individuals who have been derailed by these terrible diseases to get back to a productive JOURNEY THROUGH LIFE.  All money I raise on this journey will go to The Seraph Fund.  Your consideration is appreciated by both me and by the individuals we can assist.

The Seraph Fund is a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization specifically created to assist individuals who are unable to afford treatment.  Treatment costs include everything from transport to a facility, extensive therapeutic services, and basic housing costs. Nearly every dollar raised by Seraph Fund is utilized for the direct benefit of individuals seeking treatment.  Seraph Fund offers the hope that recovery is possible to individuals and families that lack the resources to combat the fatal diseases of addiction and alcoholism.  Your financial assistance can give individuals in need the chance at recovery that they so desperately deserve!

Help individuals in need begin their own journeys of recovery!   Please DONATE NOW (button below) or fill out the pledge per mile form and email it to  Seraph Fund is an exempt organization as described in Section 501 (c) (3) of the Internal Revenue Code, EIN # 81-4227471.



Your donation will help give to provide resources designed to promote sustainable recovery for individuals in need who are seeking support for substance abuse.

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Spreading the word is just as important as donations.  This disease is probably the least talked about disease that takes the most lives.  Spreading the word and stopping the stigma is the most important goal we are trying to accomplish.