August 29

My alarm went off at 6:45 AM this morning. When I grabbed it to shut it off, I noticed it was a phone call. I didn't have the number but it was a Florida call. I thought it was the marina calling to say my boat had been washed out to sea. Instead it was an older gentleman who said he was a trail angel for Panama City and heard I was in the area. Still about 99% asleep I told him my plans to be there in 3 days and where I was camping. He instead told me otherwise. He said I would paddle to a bridge and he would be waiting on the bridge waving at me. We would then put my boat on his car and go eat dinner with other angels.   He would take me to resupply. Then I would stay in his spare room for the night. When I hung up the phone I was only about 98% asleep at that point. Still not sure what had happened I tried to figure it out. I went to the lobby and got some breakfast and checked the weather. It didn't look as bad as the night before so I figured I would go to the marina and see if there was a break and start paddling. I layed down for a few minutes and woke up to the housekeeper trying to clean the room at checkout time. I decided I should stay another day and rest up so I extended another night. I continued to lounge around most of the day watching the weather channel hoping it would pass and I could get out tomorrow. It doesn't look good but I'm going crazy cooped up in this hotel room.