September 12

After being on Hurricane watch for the past week the storm finally hit.  Unless you are living under a rock you know it hit the entire state of Florida.  Lucky it wasn’t as bad as they predicted but still the damage has been done.   I have been checking with friends who live on the gulf coast and they are all ok.  Power is being restored slowly but clean up will take a while.  With all the rainfall and winds, the whole state is flooded and beaches washed out.  Almost every National and State Park is closed.  Even though I have everything I need to survive it is no place for me at this time.  I’m sure the last thing people who are trying to rebuild their lives want is some hairy, smelly, drifter passing through town.  The airlines have let me change my flight free of cost to the end of the month.  Now I just have to wait to see when the best time to return will be.  And waiting might end up being the hardest section of the entire trip.