September 7

I woke up to about 5 texts telling me to get out of Florida or asking if I was safe. I have responded with "I have decided to stop running from my fears and face them head on. I am going to keep paddling". That is usually followed with telling me not to be stupid. I enjoyed a cup of coffee and eggs with bacon on the porch as I soaked in the B&B experience. I finished packing what I needed to take back with me in my carry on and walked back to the marina to drop off my bags. I got a good laugh again at seeing my little boat among the large boats in the storage bay. At noon my shuttle arrived and we headed the hour west to Panama City. It was a beautiful drive along the coast and interesting to cross over some of the bridges I paddled under a few days ago. My room wasn't ready at the hotel so I went for a walk to get something to eat. All I could think about was that it was a nice day and I could be paddling. I finally got in my room and lounged for a while and then went outside later to get something for dinner, the sky was lit up with amazing colors of the sunset. It made me kind of upset that I wasn't on the beach to see it in it's entirety I returned to my room and got to watch the first NFL game on TV. That might be one of the top 5 things I will miss the most about living out of a kayak for so long. The other 4 are ice, family/friends, A/C, and Cheese.