June 3rd

Another beautiful day on the river. I'm laying on an island in my tent with the rain fly off staring at the stars. Not a cloud in the sky. The frogs are serenading me while the lighting bugs light up the trees like Christmas lights.  I’m patiently waiting on the trash panda (raccoon) that I chased off earlier to return. I’m not quite sure what I will do if he does, but I'm ready. There aren't any trees on this island to hang my food from so I did the next best thing and have it right next to me with a big knife. 

I was getting worried today as I had only seen 2 people the since I got out of Columbus. Not that I'm complaining, it was very peaceful. I have found that I am talking to myself more than normal. Which is concerning considering it is only the 3rd day. While reviewing my maps I found a little diner in Piketon that was close to the river so I thought I would give it a shot. If you are ever driving on 23 you have to stop at the Riverside Restaurant.  After Piketon the lack of people situation changed quickly. Several fishing boats, people cooking out, and parking their trucks right on the bank fishing. Seeing these people hanging out with family and friends enjoying the weather got me thinking. Combine that with checking social media seeing several different groups of friends at the PGA tournament, campouts, and music festivals I’m going to miss a lot of things over the next few months.  But what am I really going to miss?  Family and friends, of course.  But the opportunity to go on an adventure like this is once in a lifetime.  Well twice in a life time now for me.