July 3

I was right, today was a new day. No blistering sun. No burning eyes from sweat. No flies in my boat. Instead, it rained all day. After about an hour of paddling the storm picked up. So did the thunder and lightning. Not knowing how the Mississippi handles storms I decided to pull over. I crashed the shore and took refuge under some trees. Still not getting much help from the trees, I strung up my tarp and hunkered down. When the lightning stopped I pressed on. It continued to drizzle throughout the day but it felt good after yesterday. At one point the clouds broke and the only light that was shining was like a halo around an island. I thought it was some kind of sign. Then it kept raining so I figured it wasn't. I stopped earlier than normal when I saw a sandy landings on an island. I went inland and set up my tarp to try and start drying out. Interestingly enough, the island was already inhabited. By about a million mosquitos. We shared the island and became blood brothers all night long.