June 28

Well I found out what the feet prints were. Early in the morning I woke to hearing the sound of mud squishing. It kept getting closer and closer, louder and louder. I could tell it was something big. I figured probably a deer coming down to get some water from the river. I yelled a few times to try and scare it off. It would pause then get closer and closer. I could hear it's heavy breathing. I grabbed my head lamp and knife and climbed out of my hammock to see what it was. And I popped out and stood up, my light was shining about 5 feet from my face I saw eyes reflecting back at me. There were about 10 more sets of eyes in the distance. They were just about the same level as my eyes. Then I saw this huge tongue coming at me. I heard a loud moo in the distance. Needless to say I was on the edge of a cow pasture. I have grown up around cows so I wasn't worried about being eaten alive and went back to bed. When I finally woke up for the day the cows were gone. I thought it was a crazy dream but could see the evidence from the cows being present. i.e. tracks and droppings. I packed up and headed down river a few yards and found my cow friends wading in the water cooling off. All I could do was laugh and say hello as I headed down the river. After a while I came to Cave in the Rock State Park. It's a giant cave in the side of the cliff that was once used by pirates as a hide out. Yes, the Ohio River had pirates. They would rob riverboats of goods coming up and down the river. As I pulled up I met a couple with their grandson. As we got talking the gentleman told me he had been in recovery for a long time. The lady told me that her son had been clean off drugs for 10 days. As we were leaving I let her know how big a deal 10 days was. Whether you have 10 days or 10 years as long as you are trying to do the next right thing and continue to better yourself that's all you can really ask. We agreed and I continued on my way to a riverside restaurant that I was told had Ohio River Catfish. When I pulled up a young guy who worked there came out to help me tie off. He asked if I was hungry. Duh. When I went in he just kept bringing me food. Some I asked for and some I didn't. I stuffed myself beyond comfortable. When I tried to settle up he refused. I threw some money on the counter and left. All of a sudden I saw a guy running towards the river with a bow and arrow pulled back. He shot straight into the water. The arrow had a line attached to it. He reeled it in and had a giant fish on it. Probably one of the coolest things I have seen on this trip. If I was going to fish, that is the way I would do it, well at least try to do it. I haven't shot a bow since summer camp as a kid.