August 4

My 5:30 alarm came and went with the sound of rain on my tent. I kept periodically waking and checking the radar but I didn't want to pack up in the rain. When I had a break I realized the 45-55 miles probably wasn't happening so I messaged the people who had offered to let me stay that I wasn’t making it today. Also that I would be staying with a family friend more than likely. I got on the water and the heat and humidity were in full force. I was dodging boats all day. I pulled behind some shipping containers that were lining what seems like the entire river for some shade. A tow boat pulled up and asked over the loud speaker if I was ok or wanted water. I refused but did my best to sign back I was ok since I don't have a loud speaker. It was rather comical. The challenge with all the boats in the river is to tell if they are parked or moving. I was paddling past one of the largest ships I have seen so far and they had both cranes in use. Then I heard a voice booming from the heavens shout out. "Hey buddy, keep going, good luck". I gave him a fist in the air and a loud wooooo. As big as the ship was there was no way he heard me but it felt good. A little later I saw the crew of a tow staring and taking pictures of me as I passed. One of the guys reached down and grabbed his private parts and yelled at me. I couldn't hear him but I figured he didn't like the fact I was on his river. I got closer and heard what he said. "Dude, you got big testicals". It wasn't what I expected but flattering, I guess. It was a good ego boost that all the workers who spend months at a time on the river were cheering me on.  As much as I wanted to continue my parade of praise I needed to put the paddle in the water and make some distance but of course Mother Nature had a different idea. She decided to rain on my parade. I hid under my tarp again for over an hour as it passed. When it was getting later in the day I knew I needed to find a camping spot.  I was looking around when I saw a barge closing in. He was angled towards me. I wanted to get to the other side of the river and slow paddle till he passed. That never happened. He just boxed me in till I just stopped and waited for him to pass then headed across the river. I found a small mound of beach on a bend and set up camp. The past hour was a stand off and I didn't know what had happened from getting boxed in. When the sun set I looked back at where I had come from and saw the coolest site. It looked like the skyline of NYC or Chicago. All these massive factories were lit up. It was probably more interesting since I didn't remember passing any of them. Hopefully the rains hold off for me to make it to New Orleans tomorrow. I am completely over the rain. 123 miles to the gulf.