August 11

Yep, I was right. I didn't get a lot of good sleep last night. And sleeping on a picnic table next to a bait shop, I was up before sun rise. I found that bait shops are just like barber shops. Places for men to go to tell stories and get all the gossip. Just open earlier.  I got packed and pulled my boat around to the boat ramp so it was easier to load up. I got talking to a guy on his boat going out fishing, and when I told him what I was doing he said he has a brother they just got into treatment. He said he would take me fishing since he was alone but didn't know what to do with my boat. As I paddled out of the marina I started kicking myself for not taking him up on his offer. Where would I store my boat?  Duh we were at a marina. I have been wanting to go deep sea fishing for a long time. Before I would have gone just to get drunk on a boat in the middle of the ocean but now I want to catch some big ole fish. It was easy paddling but I didn't feel like paddling and just took my time. It was nice being on the water and letting it soak in that I paddled here from Ohio. When I finally got to the marina in Gulfport, they pointed me to the harbor master. I paddled over to the dock. Since it was set up for large boats I had to climb a ladder to get out. After asking around they gave me the ok to leave it there. One of the workers helped me unload my gear. I balanced in my boat and lifted it above my head to him. I scheduled an uber and called the hotel to see what the earliest I could get into my room. She said noon. I said I was on my way to wait in the lobby. I figured once she got a whiff of me she would get the room ready right away but when I got there it was ready. After an hour shower I walked to Walmart to resupply. When I came out to a downpour I decided to get an uber instead of getting soaked.  After all the rain I have dealt with the past few weeks when I have the option not to get wet, I'm gonna take it. Somewhere around 7:30 I laid down on the bed for a quick second and that was it.