July 18

Last day paddling before I go home for a week so it seemed like every paddle stroke took for ever. It's only 10 miles to Vicksburg. The sun was beating down but knowing I am getting off the river it's bearable. When I reached Vicksburg I had to go up the Yazee River 1.2 miles to the boat ramp. I wanted to just get off the river and into some AC. I found a tree to shelter from sun. As close as I was to the ramp, it knew I needed to get my body temp back down or I would be in trouble. After cooling off I paddled up to the boat ramp and locked up my boat. My contact in town wasn't meeting me for a few hours so I headed to the Lower Mississippi River Museum. It was neat to see more information on the river I have been paddling for so long. I went across the street for a real meal of Shrimp Tacos. After all it is taco Tuesday. I was sitting at the bar when it hit me. A feeling I haven't had the entire trip but knew I would at some point. I was sitting at the bar shaking. I was frozen out by the AC. After being in the heat for so long by body couldn't handle the cold. I ate faster and payed my check. I went back to the boat ramp and met the guy who was going to be keeping my boat while I go home. He's another guy I met on the internet. I still laugh when people ask how I meet these people I stay with and I tell them on the internet. We loaded up my boat and headed for his house. But first I got the tour of the city. We went to an overlook to see the river. It looked massive from up there. He also explained the civil war significance of the river at that point. He owns a kayak tour business on the river so his knowledge was awesome. We unloaded my gear and I got the shower that was much needed. Then it was talking river and watching videos on the river till bed time. It's an early rise for the next leg of my journey, this time on land.