July 28

I was asked if my muscles were sore from taking off a week from paddling. No I feel great. But mentally I'm not back in it. I felt like I was getting nowhere today. I couldn't find a current in the entire river. So every time I stopped paddling I would either sit still or go backwards. It's very frustrating. I turned a corner and could see Natchez. Only problem was it was 10 miles away. It's the worst when you can see something right in front of your but can't grab it. When I finally made it close to town I passed a guy on a boat tied up to shore. He asked if I started at the head waters?  I told him Columbus,OH. He said that was far enough. It made me feel good. He told me to hit the bar at the top of the boat ramp, I'm only a beer away. I laughed and said I would stop up there. Not for a beer but because it's the oldest bar on the river. And Mark Twain use to hang out there when he was a riverboat captain. They don't know what year it was built exactly because the courthouse burnt down but know a few year window. It looks like a place I could have posted up for a few days. I counted 3 dogs inside and looked like nothing had changed in 100 years. A lot of old photos on the walls, basically a museum. When I was leaving I was talking with some locals out front and a guy came up with a beat up guitar. He introduced himself as King Richard. He played a song he had written. I figured I should get a video of it just to remember this experience. I asked if I could film him if I gave him a few bucks. Next thing you know he led me into the courtyard and gave m a full concert. Original songs, gospel, Rock, Achey Breaky Heart, and closed with stairway to heaven. I had to cut him off and get out of town. I paddled off into the sunset feeling better and found a nice camp site. There is a chance of rain tonight then all day tomorrow. Which is good because it will cool things off. The bad part is at 11 PM it's 83 out. It says it feels like 95. And with the rain expected I put the rain fly on my tent so it's like a sauna in here. I don't think I have been excited for rain to cool things off instead of making the water rise. But that would be nice too.