November 23


The rain prediction was right on point. I woke to my tent shaking with rain beating down. I decided to make it a traditional Thanksgiving and just lay around and do nothing all day. Just because I am alone on an island in the middle of the gulf doesn’t mean that I can’t enjoy American tradition of eating and doing nothing on Thanksgiving. The major difference is that I wasn’t around friends and family. I did catch a break in the storm to go out to the beach and eat my traditional Thanksgiving dinner. I have been carrying a precooked meal of turkey, stuffing and gravy, along with a can of green beans and instant mashed potatoes mixed in a ziplock bag to round out my meal. I had flipped my kayak over to prevent it from filling up with rain and used it as my dining room table. I reflected on what all I’m grateful for. While I could name things all day, the main thing I am grateful for is that I don’t have to live the way I used to and that I can be alone and actually enjoy myself. It was great sitting by the water enjoying my meal but the break in the weather didn’t last long and I had to retreat back to my tent where I spent 23 and a half hours of the day. But I was glad that I got the opportunity to get out for that 30 minutes if not for anything else but to get a picture of me eating my feast.