November 25


I woke to voices of 2 men saying “what’s that kayak doing there?  Oh someone’s camping”. They mentioned that I was probably up now with the noise from their motor. They were right. I paddled back the 2 miles to where I turned off my route last night. It was nice to actually see where I paddled in the dark and I didn’t feel like I was paddling a section I had already seen since it all looked new to me. It was a short paddle into Homosassa, a quaint little fishing village.  There was nowhere to tent so I got a room and cleaned up. Right after sunset I decided to walk to a restaurant about a mile away. I had looked it up and it seemed like the best one. And since I had nothing better to do I started walking. As I was just getting going a guy was pulling out of the convenient store on his golf cart with a bottle of wine in the basket. He asked where I was going. When I told him he acted like he had never heard of the place. He said he was going to give me a ride if it was close. I said that I had just paddled into town and asked where should I eat. He didn’t tell me he just said get in. I was up for an adventure so I didn’t hesitate. Next thing I knew we were going the opposite direction down a dark road to nowhere. It seemed like it took forever and I was getting a little concerned. Finally we popped out at a place called the Freezer. It was a fishing market that had a dive bar attached. He said to get the snow crab and shrimp and sit at the bar. I walked in and felt at home. This place was hopping.  They brought out 2 giant crab legs and about 20 steamed shrimp. It felt great to just sit there and eat with my hands and not have people judge me for once since I started the trip. For a brief moment I thought how great it would be to wash it down with an ice cold beer or 20. But as good as this food was there was no need for that. I made friends quickly while sitting there and before I left I got an offer for a place to stay in Alaska if I ever make it up that way. I walked back to the hotel stuffed and feeling normal again.