November 27


Open ocean most of the day. The weather was ideal. I knew I was in for a long paddle but was ready for it. It is really hard to focus on the total distance but if I break it up, then it goes pretty well. The water wasn’t exactly glass today but it had a metallic look which is always a joy to paddle in. I decided to hit a restaurant about 18 miles in. Since I was getting closer to constant civilization I took advantage of it. As I paddled into the Little Harbor I noticed the blue tarps on several roofs. It’s a sure sign of hurricane damage. The further south I get the more damage from Hurricane Irma I am noticing. I ate and took off to finish my day as the sun was falling. It’s always a joy to paddle when the sun is setting but it comes at a cost. You have to find and set up camp in the dark. I knew there was a park where I could camp a few miles further. I made it to the turn off right when the sun set and paddled through the side water to reach the campsite. It was a pavilion built by air boaters. It was nice to have picnic tables, concrete, and a roof. The only problem was about a 30 yard mud drag to get off the water. After 22.5 miles, dragging my boat through the mud was the last thing I wanted to do.