December 11

Waking up in a bed is always nice. Well different might be a more appropriate word. I have become accustomed to sleeping in my tent and almost feel more comfortable in my 6x8 tent than I do in a civilized room. After a big breakfast we headed over to the retirement home to visit my grandpa. It’s always great to see him but has become harder throughout the years the older he gets. He is 94. I can’t imagine living to see 94. Then again the way I was living I wasn’t sure I would ever see 30. For a 94 year old he was sitting there listening to a live band tapping his hands to the beat. I definitely didn’t get my musical talent from him as I can’t keep the beat to any song. He is definitely different from the last time I saw him. He just looks tired, which is understandable. We hung out for a while and it got me thinking about how you only get one life to live. While he has lived a long life, if feels like mine is just getting started over. And I plan on making the most of it and think that I’m off to a good start. After we left, my mom and I went to do some shopping. Of course we headed to the outdoor store since I don’t really know where else to shop. I chatted for a while with them about camping spots coming through Naples and found out that the options are limited. I’m gonna have some long days when I return to paddling. We decided to head to the outlets to continue shopping. This was a mistake. I have always hated shopping. And not knowing what I need clothes for didn’t make it any easier. I definitely need a new pair of jeans, exspecally since I’m returning to the frozen tundra of Ohio. I tried a few pairs on but finally decided that I wasn’t going to buy some just to buy something. After a short meltdown I decided to just call it quits on buying clothes till after my trip when I know what I will need clothes for. Since I don’t know where I will be living or what I will be doing, it made the most sense.