December 13

Another full day of driving. Even though I am in the car with my dad, my mind is still in its own world. I have enjoyed the warm winter temperatures and beautiful beach views of Florida. I keep thinking that maybe I am meant to be living at the beach. But as each mile passes, the mountains are getting bigger. The snow is getting deeper. As I stare out the window as we drive through North Carolina, Virginia, and West Virginia it reminds me of my roots and how much I love the Appalachian Mountains. There is just something about the beauty of the snow and trees in the winter that captures my heart. Well not so much the cold that comes with the snow but there is no better place in the spring, summer, or fall. We finally made it to Ohio and I was bum rushed by my niece and nephew.  They quickly moved out of the way when my brothers dog got his chance to show his love for me. I’m not sure who was more excited to see me, the kids or the dog. No matter how great of an adventure I am on, the feeling of family definitely out ways that 100%.