December 8

I was able to get out of the hotel early and paddle back to the main route. The temperature has really dropped and the wind picked up. I made it to one of the islands paddlers are allowed to camp on and pulled up on the north side to get out of the wind. I explored to find a good place to set up camp. I wasn’t happy with the options and figured there was a possibility I was going t be stranded 2 Days here.   It could be miserable. I saw there was another island 3 miles south that I could camp on and debated going for it. I finally decided it was now or never and shoved off. Probably one of the top mistakes of the trip. The wind was blasting me in the face, which meant the water was splashing me in the face as well. My entire body was soaked. I was going about a mile an hour. My hands were numb. I couldn’t feel my feet at all. After 2 hrs of paddling the feeling of concern had set in about an hour ago. I could see the beach and felt like every stroke I was getting further away. After just under 3 hrs I made it. I found a spot out of the wind and was much happier with my decision even though during the paddle I second and third guessed it along the way. I got a fire going as quickly as possible and changed out of my wet clothes putting on every dry piece of clothing I had. I couldn’t feel my hands and fumbled putting up my tent. I finally got it up and climbed right in my sleeping bag. Being afraid that I would freeze to death or more likely blow away if I went outside to pee I just held it and prayed that my tent didn’t collapse in the middle of the night.