August 27

Some things can't be unseen or forgotten.  You are just in the right place at the right time and time seems to stand still.  The image is put into the memory vault and stays there forever.  I have already had a couple sunsets, sunrises, and views on this trip that will be with me forever and I hope they never leave.  Then again there are some images that can never be unseen no matter how you try.  And that was the case today.  I was paddling along with a personal escort of dolphins through the bay.  Boats were scattered around through out the day.  I saw a larger boat anchored about half a mile away.  As I got closer I saw a guy walk to the back of the boat and go half way down the ladder and squat in the water.  It is usually your standard move for women when they use the bathroom off the back of the boat.  Something seemed a little off.  I couldn’t tell if the guy had a white bathing suit on or was really pale.  Or if he was naked.  I continued closer.  Normally I enjoy kayaking up near boats because since I don’t have a motor they don’t usually hear me and I can sneak up on them.  This was the case today.  I thought about turning on my speaker to announce myself but I didn’t have time.  I was going to have to deal with what the cards dealt.  I got closer and could tell that it definitely wasn’t a white bathing suit.  He was naked.  100% naked.  And I saw another man on the boat who was 100% naked.  The two men were probably 45-50 years old.  Then I saw a woman in her 20’s on the boat too.  I figured that if she was naked too and I saw that, it would help with the image that I had just seen.  She must have seen me.  She sat down on the boat so all I could see was her face.  I kept looking to see if she was going to give me a sign for help but I didn’t get anything.  Since I didn’t get a sign that she was kidnapped, I figured that drugs or money was definitely involved.  There was a moment when all parties saw each other and a slight acknowledgement was made.  I don’t remember how it went down but I just kept paddling as quickly as possible with out making it look too obvious that I was trying to get far away.  I think that I would have been able to recover from that situation but it was what happened next that will have me in therapy for years to come.  The sunlight must have been just right that the gentleman wanted to have a photo session on the front of the boat.  The one guy walked to the front of the boat and stood there 100% naked.  Well they might have had sunglasses on so maybe not 100% but close enough.  The other guy came out and was taking pictures of him doing the Titanic pose on the front of the boat.  Then he was doing just straight on photos.  They definitely knew I was there but didn’t care at all.  I am all for self confidence but from what I was seeing, I am still trying to figure out where the self confidence came from to stand on the front of the boat in the middle of the bay naked.   I turned on the after burners to get away as fast as possible and try to erase the whole experience.  I continued paddling till the sun was falling,  I found a dry patch of land to camp on.  I got camp set up and was doing pretty good coping with today’s trauma.  As I was finishing up my chores, listening to some music as the sunset, about to climb into my tent for the night, the worst possible thing happened.  I heard flutes.  Not just any flutes, the very distinct sound of flutes at the beginning of the song My Heart Will Go On.  The theme song for Titanic.  The image of the naked guy on the front of the boat burned back into my brain.  I crawled into my tent and cried myself to sleep.