August 26

Pretty average day of paddling. Got started around noon due to wind and being lazy. Battled a head wind all day. Averaged a little over 2 mph. After averaging 4-5 on the rivers this is still frustrating to get used to. The last mile and a half were the worst. When I finally got to the campground I beached and went to see who was in charge. They were already closed for the night and the caretaker told me to square up in the morning. I didn't want to pay but the shower was how I justified it. I noticed the other day my clothes looked terrible. The salt stains were out of control. I think it was an equal mix of salt water and sweat. While unloading my boat I got talking to a family from Germany who was traveling the states for 4 weeks. It's always interesting to hear there opinions on the USA. I ran into another couple from Alabama when I was carrying my gear to my site. After several questions I gave them my card. When I went back to tie up my boat and get the last of my gear I heard them playing some music. It was Sweet Home Alabama. I didn't think anything of it at first since they were from Alabama, but then realized they were watching my video I made a few weeks back. I got a kick out of it and asked if they liked it. They did, of course. I got a shower and put on real clothes. It's still amazing how something as simple as a shower and cotton clothes can change your attitude. I ate dinner and got in my tent. I ended my night watching the Mayweather vs McGregor fight on my phone. A friend streamed it on Instagram live so it kept cutting out. I can't really complain since I'm camping and still got to see the "fight of the Century"