August 25

Pretty smooth day. I made it to the fort and walked around. It was pretty neat but I think if I wasn't worried about my boat being left alone by a pier full fisherman I would have enjoyed it more. I then had 10 miles to Pensacola Beach. After 1 mile I could see the bridge I needed to go under. That was probably the worst thing possible. I kept paddling and felt like I wasn't getting any closer. I still made it an hour faster than I had projected. I grabbed some drinks and headed on. Now that I am on an organized trail there are Ocean Angels. And the CT does not mess around when it comes to Angels. They have one for every section and I think they have all reached out to me to offer help. I am having trouble responding to them all. The local one said he wanted to meet me and bring me dinner. I didn't want to be rude so I accepted. I made the 6 miles to where I was going to camp and meet him. I parked my boat and walked over the sand dunes. When he arrived we talked for a while and then he brought out a big styrofoam cooler, taped shut. It was my dinner. We continued to talk then he had to go. I said I would  take the food and he could keep the cooler. He insisted I keep it. Now it was a mystery treasure chest. I crossed the road and dunes back to my boat carrying the cooler. I loaded it in my boat and paddled around the point to a sandy beach. I kept the cooler sealed and the anticipation was killing me. I resisted till I had my tent set up and was ready to climb in for good. Once my camp was set I took a soak in the water to cool down then went after the chest. When I opened it up it was like opening a real treasure chest. Shrimp with cocktail sauce, baked beans, potato salad, fresh pineapple, candy, and a plate of sushi. I dove in and did my best to eat it all but there was so much I couldn't. But luckily the cooler was filled with ice so I can have shrimp for breakfast!