November 12


I woke up early to hopefully beat the wind and high seas. I could hear the wind ripping through the palm tree above my tent. I gave it a little bit and decided it wasn’t going to get better so I made a run for it. It wasn’t as bad as yesterday but still not enjoyable. My hands were going numb from yesterday and the cold water splashing on them. It died down some but nowhere near flat. When I got close to the entrance of the mouth of the river I was going up, I tried to cut the corner and hit a oyster shell mound. I got out to walk my boat and was actually happy to walk it. When I was close to the shore I noticed something red and black in the sea grass. I went to explore what it was and saw it was a jacket. Curious, I decided to go through the pockets and found a wallet. No money or credit cards but a Georgia drivers license, social security card, and insurance cards. I threw it on my boat and headed up river. I came to a fish camp and stopped to see if they could help find the owner. I was going to give them some money if they could mail it once it dried out. While talking to two gentleman cleaning fish they asked where I was camping. They then said good luck, the bugs are terrible. That made my decision to get a room at the camp a lot easier. They told me stories about some other people who had paddled through there and I knew some of them. The rooms were on giant stilts with a deck going all the way around the building with views of the swamp land. It was nice to get a shower and charge my batteries, literally and figuratively.