November 13


I walked out of my room overlooking the boat ramp and heard some fisherman talking about the winds. They said it was calling for 5-10 knots and that it felt like 10. I got in my head that maybe I should wait another day but realized I would be bored out of my mind. I loaded up and headed down the river to the Gulf. It was slow moving with the wind and I was dreading the paddle. When I made the turn and got in the open water there was a slight chop but nothing compared to the previous 2 days. It was a pretty blah paddle, nothing exciting and I made decent time on the 13 miles to the camp site. When I saw the sign, I beached and was a little concerned that the site wasn’t that great. It was right on the water but not a lot of room to pitch a tent. I noticed a small trail and decided to explore it and sure enough there was a nice camp site under a tree with a fire ring and fire wood that some one had left. I still had about 3 hours till sunset so I took the time to relax. As the sun was setting I realized it was directly west. Which means I have officially left the pan handle and made the turn south. I am still in a pretty remote area but a good feeling knowing that I have geographically made the turn south. Mentally, in about a week when I round Cedar Key I will officially feel like I am in West Florida. Either way it was a great feeling seeing the sun set directly out over the water. Even though it wasn’t the best sunset, there is just something peaceful about seeing the sun drop into the ocean with nothing around.