November 14


Another day of paddling into the wind and destroying my shoulder. It’s not terrible pain but I can tell I have been working it fighting through the wind and waves. It was a short paddle. Another campsite that was down a hidden trail. This one was overgrown but I can tell that I am very remote so I got excited about the star gazing. While I was sitting there in the overgrown weeds I heard something tromping around not too far. Sure enough it was a boar. This time I could see him just about 20 feet away. I still couldn’t get a picture before he disappeared into the marsh but was on the lookout for the rest of the night. I laid there with the top of my tent open staring up at a million tiny specs lighting up the sky. I dozed off while waiting for it to get darker to try and take a picture. When I woke up I was too exhausted to take any pictures so I will have to settle for mental pictures.