November 15


The goal for today was to get to town and recover physically and mentally. After about 15 paddle strokes I knew that I needed to take an extra day off. Every paddle stroke into the wind and waves provided pain. It’s hard for me to listen to my body sometimes but it’s what I have to do to make it all the way. I paddled up the river into town and saw the most beautiful site I had ever seen. A pizza place with a dock. Since I had been craving pizza for weeks now you know what I did. I ordered a medium pizza for myself. When the waitress brought it out she brought a medium and a small. She claims that she messed up but I think she just felt bad for me based on how I looked. I ate the whole medium and strapped the small to the deck of my boat and headed up river to the hotel I reserved. My shoulder pain disappeared the moment I hit land but I still knew I needed to rest it to prevent further damage.