Day 6

As I am laying here I feel like I am still rocking in my boat. This is probably due to the river was anything but calm today. The wind was blowing in my face all day. At one point there were whitecaps forming. I would go over a wave and the bow of the boat would slam down splashing me in the face. I stopped at a dock outside Marysville KY. I got talking to a family and found out that they had lost a nephew recently to an overdose. He had gotten help and started getting his life back together. Then all the sudden relapsed and died. It shows that you never are cured of this disease. They said the problem is so bad around there that you are always seeing young people's obituaries in the paper.  I have thought about it for a while. The stigma of addiction. People are afraid to talk about it. There are several more deaths that are directly related to drugs and alcohol than people want to talk about. When ever I see an obituary about a young person pass away from heart failure , I automatically assume it's drug related. The same thing with a single car accident at 3AM on a weekend night I assume they were drunk. Now I know this isn't the case all the time, but when it does happen people don't want to put the person who died in a bad light. Not ever going through a situation like this it's easier to say than do I'm sure. And I'm grateful that I don't have to make that decision, or put my family in that situation today.