June 7

I woke up and tried to figure out how far to go today. The plan has been to get to Cincinnati and go home for a few days to finalize my gear and tie up loose ends. Then return to the river and go for it. I can make it to Cincinnati by Thursday easily. Then I got the news. The river was being shut down today outside of Cincinnati.  Only 2 things can shut down a river. A toxic spill or the President of the United States of America. Thank goodness it wasn't a toxic spill.  The marina I had planned on trying to leave my kayak at while I went home is where Trump was speaking. I figured they wouldn't go for a smelly bearded man asking to leave a random kayak there for a few days. I then thought about trying to sneak past the Coast Guard Gun Ships and paddle behind the president with a #riverweasel flag in hopes of getting the POTUS to retweet me. Instead I got a text from my brother who was in town and leaving that afternoon. If I could find a place to store my kayak and get a ride I wouldn't have to take the greyhound. Easier thought then done. I started paddling for a few hours then saw a boat ramp. I went up to the campground and of course it was dead. Most of them are during the week. As I looked around for someone to ask, all I heard was some little dogs barking. As I got closer a lady came out to see what her dogs were barking at. Bigfoot?  No, just a smelly River Weasel. I explained what I was doing and what I needed. That's all I had to do. She took it from there. We hoped in her golf cart. And went down to the river. I put the wheels on my boat and pulled it behind the cart as she flew up the hill to her spot. We put it under a cover. We loaded my gear in her car and were off. She drove me from 45 minutes to where my brother was and dropped me off at the front door. Talk about service. It all happened so fast I couldn't think. It blows my mind that someone would be willing to help you out with out even knowing you but it happens all the time on the river. And just like that I had met my first major River Angel of the trip. A River Angel is someone who helps out paddlers along the way. Whether it's food, transportation, shelter, or just a laugh and smile to keep them going on the journey. They are a key part of making a journey like this. Then in a matter of an hour and a half I went from paddling the Ohio River, to riding down I-71 almost home. What took me 2 hours to drive back to Columbus took me 7 days to paddle.