June 14

I'm going to quit tomorrow was one of my favorite sayings when I was out runnin and gunnin. Well today it was just like that but I'll get the next campsite. But just like before, tomorrow or the next camp site never came. I hit a stretch of mud cliffs for about 10 miles. The only legit camp site had a huge no trespassing sign posted.  So instead of risking getting shot I kept going. The sun had set and I was approaching a large plant so I had to just make the next campsite be this one. I chased a trash panda that was eating a dead fish off and beached. I am literally laying on an angle watching the lightning off in the distance.  If it starts raining I could quite possible be swept off the beach.  Even though I couldn't find the perfect campsite I just had to make one happen no matter how uncomfortable it is. Kind of like I had to make tomorrow happen no matter how uncomfortable that was.