June 15

Worst night sleep I have ever had. I would doze off for about 10 minutes at a time then wake up. That all changed around 3am when the all hell broke loose from the skies. My whole tent was shaking and lighting up each time lightning struck. There was no sleeping then. Since I was on a sliver of land I couldn't stake out my tent properly. But good news, my Big Agnes tent was incredible. I stayed bone dry as I sat there waiting to be swept into the river. My tent stopped shaking around 5:30am and I got about 2 hrs sleep. When I was packing up, wet sand was caked to everything.  All I could do was pack it up wet and nasty. Being up all night made for a long day. When I saw a small riverside town I made the decision to stop. I just wanted some caffein A nice man in a golf cart asked me what I was doing. When I told him he said he had a son who had been struggling for a while.

While I was walking back to my boat I got talking to a couple on there porch. When I said I just wanted a soda pop the told me to get of out of the fridge. Next thing you know I am eating chunks of some of the most tender pot roast I have ever umm The more we got talking they said the had a child who was in recovery and how her life changed around drastically. It just shows how common it is that people are effected by this disease. Everyone sees the bad side of it and not everyone get to see the good!