June 16

I found the perfect place to camp last night. Twelve mile island. It's a large island just outside Louisville with a big grassy spot on top with a pavilion. It was hard to pack up but I knew I had a real bed waiting for me in Louisville so it wasn't that hard. My next challenge was trying to find a place to store my boat overnight. You would think that would be easier than not with all the marinas. Every marina I stopped at did not have a single person working. I was out of water and stopped at a park to fill up. A guy told me to try the "cop shop" down town. It's where they keep the police boats. He said to drop his name. I was concerned that they might arrest me if I did that but thought it was worth a shot. When I got there it was empty. It was also the last option that I had. It was right below a riverside park. I walked along the path to see if I had any other options. I started hearing children playing. When I turned the corner I saw a splash pad. I knew I smelled pretty bad so I just decided to take a quick shower. It was rather refreshing. I went back to my boat thinking it was a complete loss and would have to just paddle through  I saw a phone number about overnight boat parking and thought I would give it a shot. Sure enough they took my name and number and said it was fine. I chained up my boat and called my friends. Next thing you know I was in a nice house showering and doing laundry. Then I was treated to a steak dinner which was delicious. But the best part was the fresh corn on the cob. Not only corn but they had those little corn shaped peg holders and stick of butter you can roll directly on. In my opinion that is the only way to eat corn. For a moment I forgot I was on a river journey and thought I was in heaven.