June 17

I woke up in a slight panic of not knowing where I was. After waking up in my tent every morning it was a little shock to be in a comfy bed. The shock and panic went away quickly. I took full advantage of a bed and real pillow and fell back asleep.

I went to the grocery store and that was quite an experience. I wanted everything. It all looked so good. I passed on the sushi, I figured it wouldn't hold up baking in the sun in my bag. After loading up the car and heading back towards the river I started getting nervous. Would my boat still be there?  I have been cautious of where I leave it and even though I had permission and it was locked up, I always get nervous. We loaded the boat and said our goodbyes. It was harder than I thought. These are two people who have been there for me since I was born. They have loved and supported me for who I am. No matter what. Knowing that you have people like that in your life gives you the strength to keep paddling. Well that and the full stomach, clean clothes, and shower. I paddled through downtown Louisville to the lock. And waited. And waited. It was all a miscommunication and a faulty horn. I made it through and got some miles in, with a nice reset physically and mentally!