June 19

The River Weasel got his groove back.  I noticed there was a slight current this morning when I got up. I took advantage of it. I was averaging about 4.5 mph. It felt good. Real good. I made it to Brandonburg and decided to treat myself. I stashed my boat down stream and locked it up the best I could. The only restaurant close to the river was closed on Monday. So I decided to find something else. The next closest place to eat was 2.5 miles away. I didn't realize it till I was on my way but it felt good. I had a delicious meal at the Huddle House and headed back. Luckily my boat and gear was safe. I continued on and still felt good. I had planned on going till after dark but saw a sign that said bait and camping and checked it out. I was greeted by a beagle and an old man who said people making the long haul could camp for free under the pavilion. It had water and electric so it was a no brainer. I set up shop and maxed out the plugs. As I am writing this I heard something behind me. I look back and see a bandit trash panda staring at me. I got out of my tent and threw a rock at it. There is a reason I quit playing baseball after little league. It did scare it off. But I can hear it clumping around back in the woods, so it will probably be a long night.