June 20

Y'all might think americas biggest foreign threat is ISIS but for me it's Asian Carp. They have me more paranoid than if I was on drugs. You are just paddling along and all the sudden they just jump about a foot out of the water. I scream like a little girl, then laugh. Well the laughing has stopped. One jumped so close it splashed water on my sunglasses. I started thinking what would happen if it jumped in my boat. Would I jump out?  Well sure enough that almost happened. A few minutes later one jumped and landed on the front of my boat. We locked eyes, he winked and he blew me a kiss. Ok well maybe he was gasping for air and blinked but it freaked me out. He slid back in the water and I have been freaked out all day. 2 turtles have swam up to the boat and I shirked at them too.  I have been living in constant fear for my life all day. That is no way to live.