June 21

There's a storm a brewing. Tropical storm Cindy is hitting the gulf right now and headed this way. I got about 100 miles to Evansville, IN. I figure if I can make it there I can make it there I can get a hotel for a night and do some housekeeping. I can smell myself and need to rinse out some gear. I paddled till after dark. Paddling at sunset is probably my favorite. It is so peaceful as the sky is changing colors and the river is switching from day to night. I guess it's the same way in the morning but I don't get up that early so I wouldn't know. I found an island to camp on the map and pushed through the dark to get there. Once the sun had set it got quite scary. Not because of the dark but those dang fish. They would jump randomly and scare me to death. When I reached the island I found a campsite. It was the nicest campsite I have ever seen. A big white sandy beach with a fire circle. A big tree with a tire swing and a sky full is stars. It doesn't get much better than that just wish I had gotten there earlier.