June 25

I had to say goodbye to my hotel and head back to the river. I, of course, got a late checkout, then Ubered back to the marina. The river was still shut down for the air show so I posted up on the hill to watch. I started feeling bad for other countries that mess with the USA. I'm sitting on a hill next to a battleship and these fighter jets fly over. And to think this is our outdated military equipment, I would hate to be on the other side of the new stuff. I decided to stay here for the night. If I was still drinking and there was a place I would want to stay all day, this would be it. Two outdoor bars, one floating on the water. I could have hung out all day drinking and having a good time, making new friends. I started thinking I probably could have dropped the fact that I'm paddling across the country to several different people and not paid for a single drink all day. The sun is shining, the music bumping, good looking girls dancing, everyone making friends with people they have never met. It's situations like this that really make me wish I could just drink and have fun like everyone else. It is Sunday Funday after all, and the DJ keeps reminding everyone of that. But for me, I know where it would lead. I would be in the mix of it all day. When most of the people leave to go home because they have to go to work tomorrow, I would still be drinking. Hopefully I would make it up the dock to my tent and pass out. When I woke up I would probably feel terrible like everyone else. They would get up and go to work and not have another drink till next weekend. Me, probably wait till the bar here opens and get some "hair of the dog" to get me physically able to paddle. Then I would look at my map and see that it's only 10 miles to the next town and research where the closest place to the river is to buy beer. Then I would see that it's only 20 miles to the next town I can buy beer. And so on and so on. Maybe I could find a liquor store that I could get a bottle of whisky which is easier to drink when warm than beer. Not to mention that I would already have googled the alcohol sales laws for Kentucky and Indiana. The hangover I could probably handle for one day of fun. But the mental obsession of where I am going to get that next drink would drive me crazy. And to me it's not worth it anymore.