June 26

Camping next to a bar at the marina might not have been the best idea. The party was rocking till close. I figured that if it closed at 2am and I got up at 8 that 6 hrs of sleep would be enough. It reminded me of an old drinking story of mine. Living in Ohio I was used to the bars closing at 2am. Factor in that most bar clocks run 10 minutes fast, at 1:45 I would always order a couple beers and shots since it was my last chance.  Well I was back home in Tennessee and out with some friends and thought I would take the initiative and do just that. When I brought the drinks back to the table my friends asked what I was doing. I explained the science of bar life to them. That's when they shook their heads at me and told me the bar closed at 3am. Which I proceeded to do the same thing again at 2:45am, in the name of Science, of course. Well that was the case again today when 2amhit, I realized that the bar didn't close till 3am and then some. So I got very little sleep last night but got moving relatively early. The river was moving pretty well and I made good time to Mt Vernon, IN. When I stopped at the boat ramp to refill my water, I pulled up on shore a traveler. When I left I was basically the mayor. One person asked me what I was doing, another over heard, and the next thing you know, what seemed like the whole town was waving to me as I paddled away. It was a great feeling getting to share what and why I am doing what I am doing. I paddled off into the sunset and into the night. I found an island on the map where I planned to camp. It didn't have a name but I named it Spider Island. I counted 20 spiders in the three foot circle of my headlamp light before I climbed into bed. I set up the hammock that I had bought in Evansville to keep me off the ground and away from some spiders. To say the least, I double checked that my bug netting was secure and tried to sleep.