July 10

After waking up in a nice bed, a final shower, a solid breakfast, and hanging out with some like minded people, it was time to say good bye to Memphis. Not sure if I should chalk it up to the state of Tennessee or the people of Memphis, but this city has been good to me. It was just what I needed to continue down the river. I said goodbye to my host, and more importantly my new friends and hit the river. As I was leaving the harbor of Memphis I had a stand off with the river boat Memphis Queen. The tour boat was following me for a mile or two. I could hear them giving the corny speech over the loud speaker. They finally passed me when I stopped to check my phone. When I started going again the boat was turning to go up stream. It was an old fashion stand off. I had to paddle backwards for a few minutes just to stay out and not get run over by the the giant wheel. Then the barge traffic came one after another. If I hadn't just left town it would have bothered me but I was just happy to be back on the water. I made it about 20 miles as the sun was setting and saw a large sand bar beach that I decided to call home for the evening. I found a little channel about 70 yards in the beach that went back to more stable ground I pulled my kayak in. I'm not sure if the water is still rising or falling so it could be an interesting morning. While I'm laying here writing this in my tent with the rain fly off, it's 72 degrees out and not a could in the sky. I looked up and realized that I'm camping. I know that might sound like a weird thing to realize, but it has just become natural to me. It's kind of like how not drinking or drugging has become natural to me now too. But like camping, the weather and temperature won't always be perfect and I'm sure I will wish conditions were different in the future. But you have got to weather a storm every once in a while to enjoy the perfect nights.