July 11

We were at homeland security threat level red all day. That is the highest level possible. Those foreign invading asian carp we dive bombing all day. After stopping at a riverside Mississippi River Museum for water and indoor plumbing, the terrorist moved to defcon 2. Less than a mile from the stop, I heard the splash of the fish cannon. It was a shot across the bow of the boat. The fish slammed into front haul with a thud. I freaked then laughed. My head was on a swivel. My mind was racing thinking what would I really do if one landed in my boat. I brushed it off and got back to paddling letting my guard down. That's when it happened. The enemy fired a torpedo under water. I raced towards me without a sound. A sneak attack. Then, IMPACT. I didn't have time to sound the alarm. No time to brace for impact. It launched out of the water and was a direct hit.  A kamikaze fish. It missed the boat completely but slammed into my left arm. I never even saw it coming or going. It was a hard hit. One like when an older kid who doesn't know his own strength punches you in the arm. I screamed like anyone would do when a large fish jumps out of the water and tags you. After calming down I reached up to see if I was bleeding. When I grabbed my sleeve there was no blood. Just fish slime.  I have been lucky to not have any soreness other than sunburn this entire trip...untill now. My bicep hurt the rest of the day. When I got through the rest of the day without any more attacks, I thought about lowering the threat level down a bit but had a flash back to the cowardly and Rachel earlier, and decided to stay on full alert through out the night to make sure the carp arnt stalking me.