July 13

The one thing I hate the most about my every day routine is packing us camp. I have never been a morning person and out here is no different. Depending on where I camp, I have to roll up my sleeping bag and pad. Take everything out of the tent. Break down the tent. Pack it up. Then carry all my gear back to the boat and strap it in. It's usually an hour minimum job. Many times longer from when I get out of my sleeping bag till I push off shore for the day. Today was just another day. I camped on a large sand bar in the middle of a river. I was probably 40 yards from the water and 200 yards from the higher ground where the trees start. After getting most of my gear packed I was sitting on my bag enjoying some gourmet coffee. If you want the recipe for my gourmet Wilderness coffee it's below. Taking in the view between sips I had a movie moment. Not just any movie but Dances with Wolves. I noticed a dog on the hill just standing there looking  at me. But it wasn't just any dog and no it wasn't a wolf. It was a coyote. He stood there just observing for a while before getting more active. He strolled around just watching me, I was ok with the coyote as long as he was cool with me. I didn't know if he had friends but I wasn't gonna stay and find out.  Plus since he was on an island I though he might try and steal my boat to escape. But I did feel a connection and mutual respect. After taking off, it was all about moving down the river as far as I could today. Just shy of 50 miles. I'll take that any day.

Andy's Gourmet Wilderness Coffee Recipe

+19 oz water

+3 instant coffee packs

+1 20oz gateraid bottle

Mix water and coffee in bottle and shake. Let sun heat to desired temperature. Enjoy.