July 14

There are pros and cons to camping on giant sand bars. Pro: less bugs, nice breeze, and great view of the stars. Con: No shade and the sun beats down on you and you wake up soaked in sweat. I felt like I was back in high school sitting in the sauna trying to cut weight for wrestling. Needless to say I got moving earlier than normal. After a near 50 mile day yesterday I felt a little better about getting to Vicksburg in time for my flight but I still needed to keep moving. Besides needing to put some miles in, I was running low on water. And yes I know that I am surrounded by water but I would have to be in a bad situation to drink out of the Mississippi. I only had about 5 liters left to start the day. And 55 miles to the next town. That might seem like a lot but when it's 95 degrees in July in Mississippi it goes fast. I messaged a former paddler who lived in Greenville, MS to ask where the best place to get water was in town. And I should have known better because he told me to let him know when I was going to be there and he would meet me at the ramp. I figured that the more miles I did today the less I would have to do tomorrow with rationed drinking water. I got about 6 miles outside of town and found a campsite. I started doing the math and realized that I had done 96 miles in 33 hrs, that includes sleeping. I felt pretty good as it's reducing my daily average left to Vicksburg.