July 15

With only 6 miles to go I took my time getting packed up this morning. I had said I would be at the boat ramp at 11 am. I figured I would get on the river early and just float to get there early. Boy was I wrong. I had to put some effort in but got there right on the dot. I was greeted by a former Mississippi River source to sea paddler. It's still blows my mind how you can never have met someone before but you have a connection right away because of the river. You can be completely different. They know what you are going through. The heat, rain, bugs, mental struggles because they have been there and experienced every aspect of the river. It's the same reason why it's important to have people around me that are recovering from addiction. They know what it's like, not only to quit using but to live life everyday in recovery. They know what it's like to deal with not only the physical challenges but the mental challenges that continue to be a struggle.