July 31

I actually woke up to see a beautiful sunrise this morning!  Then I went back to sleep. But was on the water just after 8 so that's a win. I'm ready to be done with this river. I passed the 300 miles left mark and for the first time since day 4 when I hit the Ohio River I am in only one state. Louisiana. I think the frustrating thing is that I don't know what to expect down river. I'm falling back into not staying in the moment. I want to get to Baton Rouge.  I want to get to New Orleans. I should just enjoy this part of the country that I will probably never see again. A part of the country that a large population of the world will never see. I am also thinking ahead to what my next move will be. I need to get off the river for a night and get a hotel room and figure out the plan. The only problem is where will I leave my 14 ft kayak?  I might look kind of odd dragging it through LSU campus or down bourbon street. All of this is running through my head and again I feel like I'm paddling in molasses. With being in my head I got the idea that I should stop in a near by town and grab some food and caffeine. I am running low on food. Well good that I want to eat. It's like when you say we have nothing to eat but have a cupboard full of caned food. I looked at google earth and it showed a dirt road that would lead me into town .3 miles. I chained my boat up upstream, out of site so it doesn't get stolen. I am starting to become paranoid about that. I bushed wicked through stickers afraid that every step was going to be on a bus southern swamp snake. I came to the road and It was obviously an old photo. It was completely overgrown. I realized at this point it wasn't happening and when down to the water to go back to my boat. I figured this would be easier than getting my legs torn up more. Nope. The shoreline was strait mud. I sunk in up to my knees with both feet. I was afraid I want going to get out or lose a sandal. I had to crawl on my hands and knees, distributing the wait to solid ground. When I finally made it back to my boat I unlocked it and got going. I just wanted away from that devil shore. I continued I on making it 47 miles and found the last dry land to camp on. It's 30 miles into Baton Rouge but the miles aren't the hard part. It's the traffic. Those barges that have co tuned to get larger and larger will become tiny. When I work my way through the harbor I will get my first look at a ship. Not a boat, a ship. Like one from China carrying tons and tons across the globe. It should be interesting to say the least.