August 23

As much as I would love to stay and not paddle, it was time. I packed up and went to the marina. Even though I was fine to paddle, the thought and fear of the other day was on my mind. I sat on the dock staring at my boat for a good hour. I realized I could continue to sit on the dock or I could pick up the paddle, climb in the boat, and move forward. I would be lying if I didn't say the first few paddle strokes didn't make me nervous. But that soon passed and I was cruising down the channel. Pretty smooth day but hot. It felt good to be recharged and get back on the water. The highlight of the  day was reaching Florida!  Another moment that sometimes seemed like it would never come. The last section across Mississippi and Alabama have been the toughest one yet. Since very few people have paddled that section there are no guidebooks or really any information. You just have to go with it. But I survived and now I'm in Florida. That's state #11!