August 22

I woke up with all intentions of getting back on the water once my tracking device was delivered. But between the incredible hospitality of the hotel and just plain not wanting to get back out there I decided to stay another day.  I have become good friends with the hotel staff by now and when I told them the rate I found on line they matched it. The general Manager even bought me several thousand Marriott Rewards points for a future stay to help the cause. Once my package arrived I called tech support to make sure all my previous tracking points wouldn't be lost if I activated the new device. They confirmed that I was all right and we activated. Even though I wasn't on the water it was a good feeling knowing I had the extra safety/support if needed. I spent a large portion of the day replying to people who have donated or reached out. It's hard to keep up with all of the comments and messages of support that I have received but I try my best. I was able to get mostly caught up but decided to take advantage of the fact that there was a movie theater right behind the hotel. I made my dinner of a large bucket of popcorn with cheddar cheese and I smuggled in!  And it was amazing!