August 21

I don't know if there is anything much better than the bed I slept in last night. I was up early on the phone and computer calling Garmin and local places to see what could be done about getting a new tracking device. With no luck my dad offered to drive from Tennessee to Virginia to get me a new one and over night it to the hotel. The things parents do for their children. With the tracking device problem handled I started checking some other things off my list. I went to Target and did some retail therapy in the form of a new waterproof speaker, earbuds with microphone, and bug spray. Then I hit the grocery store to resupply my food. I was able to get all this done before noon. I would consider that a successful day so I decided to lounge by the pool and work on my tan. Well, even out my farmer/lifejacket tan. I was enjoying the warm sun when all of a sudden the sun stopped shining. It was the eclipse that everyone and their brother had been talking about for the past few weeks. I have to say I was kind of disappointed. It didn't get dark. I didn't see a burning ring in the sky. The funniest part about it is that I have spent almost every day in nature for the past few months. And the one day that there is a natural phenomenon I'm not on the water. In the eclipse defense I wasn't in the totality path. But at this point I have seen so many other natural beauties that most people would never see that I feel like I am winning. I also started thinking about the black out and I feel like I have been in a black out from society the past few months.