November 21


I got out early to hopefully beat the storms. The idea of being in the middle of the ocean with no where to pull over and get off the water when a storm hit had me very anxious. I loaded all my gear up on my body and walked the block to the harbor. I clipped as much as I could to my lifejacket to free my hands to carry bags. I’m sure it was an amusing sight seeing me walk down the street with bags hanging off my body. It was low tide when I got there and my boat was hanging from the dock over mud since the water was low. I wasn’t expecting to see a harbor with barely any water. It took some effort to free my boat and lower it down to the ground. Luckily I had my long rope attached and was able to pull my boat over to the ramp and load up. I paddled through the only channel through the tunnel and into the ocean. It was a fairly heavy chop but I pushed through knowing I had to keep moving to beat the storm. After a few miles the wind stopped and the water was basically glass. For some reason I didn’t make as fast of time that I would have expected with flat water. Between the overcast and fog it felt really weird all day. When I made it to the river where the campsite was supposed to be, I got turned around trying to find it. When I went a little further I saw it. It looked like an old moonshiners camp. A pieced together wood and metal roof between a few trees. The no-see-uns were so bad and with rain coming my way I couldn’t get the tent up quick enough. I put it up as much as I could under the shelter and dove in and didn’t come out till morning.