November 20


I woke up not wanting to get out of my sleeping bag. It was definitely cold. And not just Florida cold. It was so cold that I had to put on socks with my sandals (fashion suicide). While I was packing up my boat, my hands were frozen. I wanted to wait for the sun to rise and warm everything up but I needed to get moving. It was a little over 18 Miles to Cedar Key for the day. If I was going to stay in Cedar Key I wanted to make sure that I got there early enough to make it worth it. I really didn’t want to pay the money to get a room in town but that was the only way I could work out meeting up to talk with some other alcoholics and addicts so I figured it was worth it. It was a nice paddle. I saw something pop up in the water at one point. I have seen hundreds of dolphins at this point but today was a first. The fin was deformed. It could have been destroyed my a boat propeller or a shark. I would assume that it was probably a boat that had hit it. I kept a watch to make sure it was swimming OK. If it wasn’t I would have tried to find a local dolphin rescue to contact. It seemed to be fine so I continued on. I found the local public marina and unloaded at the ramp. I had to make a decision to tie up my boat or carry it up the street to the hotel. I didn’t really feel like putting my cart together and dragging it down the street. I found an old dock and chained it up. I put one of my cards in a ziplock and zip tied it to the post incase anyone had any questions. I loaded and clipped all my gear to me and waddled down main street to my hotel. I was able to meet up with a group of like minded people and it was exactly what I needed. I felt centered again. It always amazes me how talking with complete strangers who know exactly what I am going through can keep me balanced mentally.