November 19


Delayed start today because of rain but I definitely made up time once I got paddling. I had the wind to my back and was cruising.  I was heading for Suwannee for the night. I had gotten a message from the local angel a while ago when I first hit Florida and he had been following up to make sure I stopped through. He told me a short cut on how to get up the river to Suwannee but not to go past a certain point when I arrived. I hadn’t heard back and since I was ahead of schedule I figured I would get there way before him. When I paddled up the river I saw a white canoe with 2 gentleman in it. They told me they had been waiting for me. They said they checked my tracker and saw I was making good time and paddled out to meet me. It was the Angel and his grandson who had come in from Alaska, where he had spent the last 10 years commercial fishing and doing other manly Alasken jobs. They took the lead and escorted me up the river through the canals to the fish camp. I would have definitely gotten lost if it wasn’t for them. When we came to a bridge a little dog started barking at us. He followed along side of us for a while until he jumped in their canoe. I was definitely jealous. We arrived at the fish camp and got my boat out of the water. They had a screened-in pavilion that was for campers that they said I could stay in. I decided to just put my bed roll right on the picnic table. They insisted on taking me to dinner. They paddled their boat back home to get their car and came back to take me to the only restaurant in town. We got talking and found out that he used to live about 20 minutes away from where I grew up. He literally was in the town during the same amount of time from when I was born until I left for college. He name dropped a few people that we knew in common. It shows that it’s really a small world. I got some gator to eat because why not when you are in Florida? I returned to my picnic table for the evening. The temperature was dropping but still not close to as cold as it is in Ohio.