November 18


Slower than normal start today. Pretty easy paddle. I did notice a lot of personal fishing boats out today. I guess I am starting to get out of the Big Bend and closer to more consistent towns. Towards the end of the day I came to Horseshoe Beach. A small little town and paddled up to the marina for a Gatorade. They had a little bar attached. I asked if they had food and the store clerk said they had a few things just ask. I went in and was the only person in the bar. Ordered some hot dogs and regretted it right away. The bartender told me it would take a while and couldn’t find the food. I told her it wasn’t a big deal but she insisted. Then she had to call someone to figure out where they were. By this point I wanted to leave but I was in too deep. They were actually pretty good. I had less than 2 Miles to camp and it was another amazing campsite on an island. After getting set up, Isaw a rope hanging from a tree. It looked like a bear bag line to hang my food to keep it away from bears. I thought that was weird that bears would be on an island but I didn’t want to take a chance. When I went to hang my food it all made sense. It was a swing!  I spent the next hour swinging back and forth over the beach into the sunset.